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2015 Governor's School STEM Awards

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Congratulations to all participants in the 2015 Governor's School STEM Awards.

Winners and finalists were announced at a ceremony held at Government House on Thursday 3 December 2015.

Her Excellency the Hon Kerry Sanderson AO, Governor of Western Australia, said the Awards recognise that quality teaching and learning are key to developing young people's interest in STEM subjects, and identified that school leadership teams are vital to the overall process.

"I believe that the development of STEM skills is very important for our future prosperity as a nation. Australia needs innovation, and we need a scientifically literate community," Her Excellency said.


Rosalie Primary School, Overall Winner for the Leadership Excellence Award in the Primary School CategoryNewton Moore Senior High School, Overall Winner for the Leadership Excellence Award, Secondary School Category

The finalists and winners in each category were:

Primary School Category

Overall Winner of the Leadership Excellence Award: Rosalie Primary School

  • The Principal and Deputy Principals encourage and authorise key teaching staff to develop their own skills and be creative in how they teach and inspire students.
  • The leadership group has actively engaged with the wider community, particularly the local council and nearby high school, Perth Modern School.

 Rosalie Primary School STEM programs.pdf

Winner of the Meritorious Leadership Award: Beaconsfield Primary School

  • Led by the principal, there is planning for the next 3-5 years to further develop the school's STEM program.
  • It has recently recruited a specialist teacher in technology and has introduced coding and other technologies into the classroom. 
  • There is a strong emphasis on technology and STEM built into all areas.

Finalist: Armadale Primary School

  • Armadale Primary School has recognised the need to link science and maths, and set about including this in the school's business planning process.
  • A Numeracy Committee has been formed to engage with teaching staff and encourage shared ownership for introducing a STEM focus across the curriculum.

Armadale PS STEM Programs.pdf

Finalist: Lesmurdie Primary School

  • Lesmurdie Primary School involves students in a range of interesting and challenging activities including solar challenges and go-cart design.
  • Senior staff in science and maths are key drivers of STEM related activities and a dedicated science coordinator drives science activities across the school.   

Secondary School Category

Overall Winner of the Leadership Excellence Award: Newton Moore Senior High School

  • The school's leadership, engagement and initiative are evident at all levels, from the Principal to the students.
  • STEM planning is extensive across learning areas, with teachers from science, technology, engineering and maths collaborating.
  • The school engages with the community by running a STEM Fair and inviting other schools in the area to participate.

Newton Moore SHS STEM Programs.pdf

Winner of the Meritorious Leadership Award: John Curtin College of the Arts

  • The school provides an enriched environment for all students through their focus programs including STEM.
  • Students work on an extensive range of classroom and extracurricular STEM projects which provide them with the opportunity to explore their own ideas and present their research.

Finalist: Georgiana Molloy Anglican School

  • Georgiana Molloy Anglican School is bringing innovation and technology to life for students.
  • STEM is used across the curriculum, combining science and art for example. Sustainability is also prominent, with solar, recycling, rainwater, composting, gardens and aquaculture.

Georgiana Molloy STEM Programs.pdf 

Finalist: Leeming Senior High School

  • Leeming Senior High School offers a science and technology academy with a specialist, selective academic extension program provided in science and maths.
  • There is a range of extracurricular activities, including science, engineering and maths challenges, clubs and competitions.

Leeming SHS STEM Programs.pdf

Finalist: Penrhos College

  • Penrhos College has engaged deliberate social strategies to maximise enjoyment of maths and science for students.
  • In the last 5 years, the number and extent of maths and science activities and projects have risen and students now regard them as fun and engaging subjects. Science and maths have become "cool" and interesting thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the  Principal and teachers.

Penrhos STEM Programs.pdf

Finalist: Perth Modern School

  • Perth Modern School students' results in maths and science competitions is very high, including at a national level.
  • Students are engaged in a range of programs including: building a horizontal bike; sustainable gardens where they learn propagation; and a collaboration with Chevron about oil and gas.