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Connection Material and Research

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Government's evidentiary requirements for native title claims

The Guidelines for the Provision of Connection Material - February 2012 (PDF 69KB) or (DOC 75 KB) (Guidelines) assist native title parties involved in the native title process to understand the information the Government requires to make a decision about settling native title applications by consent.

The Guidelines should be consulted prior to submitting connection material to the Government for assessment. It is also strongly recommended that the Native Title Applicants (Applicants) consult with the Government prior to the commencement of connection research. Engaging in early consultation about connection research is an opportunity to discuss the potential form and content of the connection materials and the criteria for substantiating a claim.

Evidentiary requirements: claims to extended country and additional claimed rights

Applicants have, in some cases, lodged native title applications over land adjacent to an existing claim or an existing native title determination on the asserted basis that it reflects the true extent of the country of the applicant group.  Applicants involved in consent determination negotiations have also sought to have rights recognised in addition to those claimed in their native title application.

In order to comply with the requirements outlined in the Native Title Act 1993 for consent determinations, the Government must be satisfied that there is evidence to support an extended claim to country and/or any additional rights claimed.   In some cases the amendments or additions may be limited or ‘technical’ in nature, but the Government still requires supporting evidence to be provided.

The applicants may provide material to support their claim of extended country or additional rights in two ways.

  • by identifying relevant information contained in connection material already provided to the Government; or
  • by providing additional specific connection material.    

The applicant will need to demonstrate how the claim of extended country or additional claimed right is supported by this material evidence.  The Government will then assess the material as outlined in the Guidelines.

Further Information

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