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Bushfire Reviews

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Bushfire Reviews

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Claims for Losses Related to the Margaret River and Milyeannup (Nannup) Fires

Following the Keelty Report and other extensive investigations, the Government has decided that all reasonable claims for losses related to the fires in the South-West (Margaret River and Milyeannup areas) on 23 November 2011, will be accepted by the Government's self-insurer, RiskCover, on behalf of the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

The process for lodging claims is to submit written notification to RiskCover, together with relevant supporting documentation, quoting claim number 12/008312/STL, to postal address: GPO Box K837, Perth WA 6842 or email Telephone enquiries can be directed to (08) 9264 3539.

Once claims are received, they will be forwarded to RiskCover's appointed loss adjuster to make contact with claimants and to carry out assessment of losses. Claims for property damage will be assessed on an indemnity basis.

Losses already claimed under the Margaret River Bushfire Financial Assistance Scheme (the Scheme) will be deducted from any liability claim settlement. Liability claims that go beyond amounts received under the Scheme should be directed to RiskCover on behalf of DEC. These claims, together with claims not yet assessed and also late claims made under the Scheme will be considered as outlined above. All those claimants with reported outstanding claims have been provided with further advice from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

State Emergency Management Preparedness Report 2012

The State Emergency Management Committee has completed its inaugural report on Western Australia's preparedness for emergencies. This report is to be prepared annually for the Minister for Emergency Services and provides a broad view of the State's capacity to deal with large-scale emergencies. It will report on progress in the emergency management sector and highlight work underway to enhance capability.

The Minister for Emergency Services tabled this report in Parliament on Thursday 14 November 2012. The report can be found at the following link: State Emergency Management Preparedness Report 2012.

Building Protection Zones

To improve the State's preparedness for the 2012-13 bushfire season and thereafter the State Government, together with the WA Local Government Association, has asked all public sector agencies, trading enterprises, local governments and private property owners to establish or improve existing Building Protection Zones (BPZs) around their critical assets, infrastructure and homes, particularly in high bushfire risk areas.

BPZs are areas around buildings in which fuel loads can be reduced. It was a key recommendation of the Keelty Review into the Perth Hills Bushfire that fuel loads should be reduced around homes and other critical buildings. Evidence shows that BPZs can reduce the exposure of such assets to bushfire and thus assist in fire fighting efforts.

More information on BPZs is available on the FESA website.

The Perth Hills Bushfire Review

The report titled 'A Shared Responsibility: The Report of the Perth Hills Bushfire February 2011 Review' was commissioned by the Western Australian Government in response to the Perth Hills Bushfire.  The fire occurred on 6 February 2011 in the Roleystone-Kelmscott area of the Perth hills, destroying 71 homes and damaging a further 39. 

The report was prepared by Mr Mick Keelty AO, and contains 55 recommendations which were endorsed by the Government in principle, subject to further analysis and consideration by relevant government agencies and other key stakeholders.  The report was tabled by the Premier in Parliament on 17 August 2011.

A copy of the report and the submissions to the Review can be obtained through the following link: Perth Hills Bushfire Report February 2011.

Implementation Group and Working Groups

The Bushfire Review Implementation Group was formed by the Government to oversee the implementation of the Keelty Report recommendations. Membership is comprised of:

  • Kerry Sanderson AO (Chair)
  • Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Public Sector Commissioner
  • Commissioner, Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
  • Director General, Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC)
  • Commissioner of Police
  • Director General, Department of Planning
  • CEO, WA Local Government Association
  • Volunteer nominee of the Bush Fire Service Consultative Committee (representing all of the volunteer associations)

Working groups were formed to analyse all of the Keelty Report recommendations, consult relevant stakeholders, and oversee the development of implementation plans and the implementation of the recommendations. They were each responsible for a set of recommendations. Membership included relevant agencies, organisations and volunteer representation.

The Margaret River Bushfire Review

Following the Margaret River bushfire of November 2011, the Government commissioned Mr Mick Keelty AO to examine and report on the causes of the fire. 'Appreciating the Risk: Report of the Special Inquiry into the November 2011 Margaret River Bushfire' was tabled in Parliament on 23 February 2012 and, in addition to accepting all of the recommendations, the Government announced additional measures to improve bushfire risk management.

More information on these additional measures, which include the establishment of the Office of Bushfire Risk Management, can be found in the Stakeholder Briefings below.

A copy of the report can be obtained through the following link: Margaret River Bushfire Report November  2011.

The Post Incident Analyses of the Margaret River and Nannup Bushfires

The Government engaged Noetic Solutions Pty Ltd to prepare reports on the response to the Margaret River bushfire and the causes of, and response to, the Nannup bushfire. Noetic reported on the actions and decisions of DFES, DEC, the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River and the Shire of Nannup.

View the Terms of Reference.

These reports were completed and  referred by the Government to the State Emergency Management Committee for consideration and advice. On Thursday 14 November 2012, the Minister for Emergency Services tabled the reports and the advice of the State Emergency Management Committee in Parliament.

The reports and the advice of the State Emergency Management Committee can be obtained through the following links:

Stakeholder Consultation

A transparent approach has been adopted in implementing the above reforms. Information on progress is included in the Stakeholder Briefings which can be accessed below.

Feedback on the Stakeholder Briefings can be sent to  Volunteers should provide feedback through their volunteer association.

Media Releases

Relevant media releases are as follows:

Additional Ministerial Media Statements can be accessed at: Media Statements - Home