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Economic Audit Committee

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The Economic Audit Committee was established in October 2008 in fulfilment of an election commitment of the Liberal-National Government. The purpose of the Economic Audit Committee was to conduct a wide-ranging review of the operational and financial performance of the Western Australian public sector.

The Economic Audit Committee was a six-member panel of senior economic and public sector management specialists that brought together an exceptional mix of experience in financial management and government administration. The Economic Audit Committee was comprised of the following members.

  • Mr Timothy Marney (Administrative Chair) - Under Treasurer of the Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Professor Peter Shergold AC - Macquarie Group Foundation Chair, Centre for Social Impact
  • Mr John Langoulant - Chief Executive of Australian Capital Equity
  • Ms Catherine Nance - Partner and Actuary of PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Mr Peter Conran - Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Mr Mal Wauchope - Public Sector Commissioner

The Economic Audit Committee was supported by the Economic Audit Secretariat, which sat  within the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The Committee's final report - Putting the Public First: Partnering with the Community and Business to Deliver Outcomes - was released in October 2009.  This report contains 43 recommendations directed toward achieving the vision of a more collaborative and innovative public sector. More specifically the Committee envisaged that in five to ten years:

  • the Government will be supported by frank and well-informed advice;
  • collaboration will be a standard approach;
  • community and public sector organisations will be genuine partners in the delivery of human services; 
  • people will have greater opportunities to exercise choice and control over how services are designed and delivered;  and
  • above all, outcomes achieved for all Western Australians will be among the best in the nation and will continually improve.

The final report contained five main chapters.

  • Delivering on priorities
  • Designing services to meet citizens' needs
  • Maximising value through planning, competition and innovation
  • Realising Western Australia's economic potential
  • Modernising public sector management

The Government supports the broad direction of the final report of the Economic Audit Committee and has been progressively considering recommendations.



The Economic Audit Implementation Team's approach to implementation is based on a high degree of collaboration and engagement between the public and community sectors.  This creates the opportunity to draw upon the expertise, ideas and innovative approaches of both sectors and to collectively identify priority areas for reform and capacity building.

The Partnership Forum has been established to enhance the relationship between the Government, community sector and the State public sector with a view to improving outcomes for all Western Australians. 

For more information and progress updates, visit the Partnership Forum website.