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Reopening Yarloop

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Zone 1 was reopened on 20 June 2016.

Zone 2 was reopened on 15 July 2016.

Zone 3 was reopened on 12 August 2015. 

Restricted traffic entry into Yarloop has ceased. The security patrol service will continue to operate in Yarloop in the interim.

Residents are advised that:

  • Some works may still be underway after Yarloop is opened, but these are considered very low risk, and all precautions will be taken in keeping with this type of work in any residential area across the state
  • Inspections of standing homes will continue after Yarloop is opened, where appropriate
  • Residents may wish to vacate their homes during the day if any works are happening immediately adjacent to their property
  • Owners of fire destroyed properties cleaned up in Zone 3 will shortly receive notification of clearance, followed soon after by a clearance certificate issued by our environmental consultants.

Asbestos Fact Sheet

Please see the following fact sheet which provides asbestos advice for returning residents:

Asbestos Fact Sheet