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Questions and Answers

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My house is undamaged, is it safe to go back?

Whilst the affected areas of Yarloop have been sprayed with a binding agent to settle the asbestos, the demolition works and any other disturbance will destabilise the area increasing the risk of harm. It is therefore strongly recommended that members of the Yarloop community do not return until the clean-up process is completed. The clean-up will not be able to progress if residents remain in adjacent properties.

Can I help?

Property owners and tenants can expect to be contacted by the project manager. When that happens:

  • Be available to respond quickly to requests from the project manager. The requests will seek approval to enter the property to remove building debris.  Once demolition starts there will be no access to the site.

  • Advise the project manager of any dangerous materials on the property (e.g. location of chemicals).

  • Assist with the prompt settlement of insurance claims for damaged or destroyed motor vehicles to allow for their removal. Arrangements have been made by the State Recovery Coordinator to facilitate the identification of cars for insurance purposes with the Insurance Council of Australia.

  • If you don't believe your contact details have been captured by your Shire or the Department for Child Protection and Family Support please provide your contact details to to receive information about the clean-up project.

I need emergency accommodation, who do I contact?

Please call the Department of Child Protection and Family Support on 0417 457 583.

I need to contact the clean-up project team?

The project team can be contacted via email on