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Future of Yarloop

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Future of Yarloop

In parallel to the clean-up efforts, the State Government has been undertaking an extensive consultation process with community members from Yarloop and surrounding areas. 

Thank you to all community members that participated in interviews during such a difficult time.  More than 180 interviews with property owners, tenants, local businesses and community stakeholders were held between April and June.  All owners and tenants were offered the opportunity to participate and included those who lost their home and those whose home remains.  The interviews were held in Harvey, Waroona, Bunbury, Mandurah and Perth and over the telephone for those people who could not make a face-to-face interview.  Participation was not mandatory and those being interviewed did not have to answer all the questions.

A Community Consultation Summary Report has been prepared.  A hardcopy of this Report was sent in the mail to all participants in late July and is also available to download below.  The Report summarises the outcomes from the interviews which comprised of a pre-set list of questions.  The questions were a mix of open and closed questions, with the closed questions to allow the extraction and analysis of data.  All individual interview responses remain confidential.

Community Consultation Summary Report

Analysis of the results show that there is a strong community that wants to return to Yarloop and there will be a Yarloop.  Prior to undertaking the consultation, the State had no pre-determined position on the future of Yarloop.  The information was analysed by the Shire of Harvey and State Government to develop broad options for the future of Yarloop.  The community's aspirations and intentions were taken into account when developing these options.    

The proposed options were shared with the community at a public meeting on 17 August 2016.  A copy of Dr Ken Michael's presentation from that meeting is below.  The community meeting was followed by a workshop run by the Shire of Harvey that encouraged the community to share ideas and ask questions about the options presented.  The key suggestions were then prioritised by the community in an affinity diagram exercise. 

State Recovery Team Presentation - 17 August 2016