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Supporting Communities Forum

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The community services sector is a key government partner in delivery of services and a significant contributor to economic growth, employment and community wellbeing, particularly for vulnerable Western Australians.

The Supporting Communities Forum’s function is to support implementation of the State Government’s Supporting Communities Policy.

The Government is committed to working with the sector to maximise opportunities to deliver quality services, by building a relationship based on partnership, collaboration and mutual respect between both sectors. This work will also support the directions of the Machinery of Government reforms and the recommendations emerging from the Service Priority Review.

The Supporting Communities Forum will convene four times per year, and report regularly to the Community Safety and Family Support Cabinet Sub Committee and annually to the Premier.

The membership of the Forum was announced on 6 December 2017.


­­­­­­­­­The Forum is chaired by Michelle Scott. The Deputy Chairperson is Helen Creed.

Membership consists of senior leadership from government agencies and 14 leaders from the community services sector.

Michelle Scott

Deputy Chairperson
Helen Creed

Community Sector Members