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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the Service Priority Review take?

The review began in mid-May 2017. An interim report with recommendations was provided to the State Government in August 2017 and a final report will be presented to the Government in October 2017. There is provision for the WA Premier to approve an extension of time if necessary.

How much will the Service Priority Review cost?

A budget of $500,000 has been allocated to the review. This includes the cost of the independent Service Priority Review panel, specialist advice, publishing and consumables. Secretariat support for the review is being provided by a small team of government officers within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.


Who will the Service Priority Review panel consult with?

The Terms of Reference allow the review panel to invite submissions or consult as appropriate with any relevant stakeholders during the course of the review. Details of any consultation will be determined by the panel.


Will the Service Priority Review's final report and Government response be made available to the public?

Yes. Once the review panel has completed its final report, the document will be considered by the State Government and a response to the panel's recommendations will be made. The final report will be published online.


How does the Service Priority Review relate to the State Government's Public Sector Renewal?

The State Government's Public Sector Renewal involves a number of measures to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and affordability of the Western Australian public sector. These measures include: the Service Priority Review; Machinery of Government changes; Sustainable Health Review; and a Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects. A number of these initiatives are occurring at the same time.


When will any cost savings recommended by the Service Priority Review be incorporated into the State Budget?

The review panel is expected to provide its final report in October 2017, which means any cost saving recommendations that the State Government adopts could be included from the 2018-19 State Budget. Depending on timing, some recommendations may be able to be reflected in the 2017-18 Budget Mid-Year Review.