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Final Report

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Service Priority Review - Final Report

Download: Final Report [PDF 3.2 MB]

Read Online: Final Report


Background papers

The following background papers were prepared by the Service Priority Review secretariat in consultation with, and to inform the work of, the Service Priority Review panel. The papers are not intended to be a comprehensive overview of the subjects nor do they represent the position of the Western Australian Government.

1.  Agency capability reviews [PDF 1.28 MB]

2.  Best practice regulation [PDF 1.13 MB]

3.  Overview of the budget process [PDF 1.35 MB]

4.  Counterproductive rules and processes [PDF 1.06 MB]

5.  Digital transformation [PDF 1.20 MB]

6.  Engaging with the community [PDF 1.11 MB]

7.  Functional leadership [PDF 1.11 MB]

8.  Government boards and committees [PDF 1.08 MB]

9.  Government trading enterprises [PDF 1.10 MB]

10.  Leader performance management and accountability [PDF 1.57 MB]

11.  One sector workforce [PDF 1.14 MB]

12.  Privacy and information sharing [PDF 1.11 MB]

13.  Procurement of goods and services [PDF 1.12 MB]

14.  Public sector employment framework [PDF 1.22 MB]

15.  Role of the centre [PDF 1.17 MB]

16.  Service design and delivery [PDF 1.21 MB]

17.  Successful implementation of reform [PDF 1.11 MB]

18.  Whole‐of‐government targets [PDF 1.24 MB]