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Submissions Received

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Written submissions received – Accountability and advocacy in Aboriginal affairs 

Aboriginal Policy and Coordination Unit received the following written submissions in response to the discussion paper An office for advocacy and accountability in Aboriginal affairs in Western Australia, which was released on 7 June 2018.

​Submission received from:​Date received:​Link to submission:
Tony Walley​27 June 2018​​ Download_2706.pdf [PDF - 119KB]
​Gail Beck​28 June 2018Download_2806.pdf ​[PDF - 91KB]
​City of Stirling​4 July 2018Download_0407.pdf ​[PDF - 94KB]
​Martin Lodge5 July 2018​Download.pdf [PDF - ​249 KB]
​Sue Buck​16 July 2018Download_1607.pdf​ [PDF - ​357 KB]
​Public Sector Commission​27 July 2018Download_2707.pdf [PDF - 231KB]
​Linda Doogiebee-Dridi​30 July 2018Download_3007.pdf​ [PDF - 425KB]
​Kaz Braid30 July 2018​Download_3007(2).pdf​ PDF - 730KB]
​Mental Health Commission​7 August 2018Download_0708.pdf​ [PDF - 549KB]
​Shire of Coorow​22 August 2018 Download_2208.pdf [PDF - 60KB]
Stephen Johnson​​24 August 2018Download_2408.pdf [PDF - 443KB]
Shire of Broome​​29 August 2018Download_2908.pdf [PDF - 1401KB]
Equal Opportunity Commission​​30 August 2018  Download_3008.pdf​ [PDF - 348KB]
Nyoongar Outreach Services​​30 August 2018Download 3008(2).pdf ​[PDF - 556KB]
Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia​​31 August 2018Download 3108.pdf​ [PDF - 72KB]
​Pioneers Aboriginal Corporation​31 August 2018Download_3108(2).pdf​ [PDF - 407KB]
Commissioner for Children and Young People​​31 August 2018Download_3108(3).pdf​ [PDF - 1178KB]
​Shire of Dardanup​31 August 2018Download 3108(4).pdf​ [PDF - 109KB]
Shire of Halls Creek​​31 August 2018Download 3108(5).pdf ​[PDF - 184 KB]
Telethon Kids Institute​​4 September 2018Download 0409.pdf [PDF - 367KB]
Commonwealth Ombudsman​​4 September 2018Download_0409(2).pdf [PDF - 747KB]
​Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre​4 September 2018Download_0409(3).pdf​ [PDF - 610KB]
​Department of Transport​5 September 2018Download_0509.pdf [PDF - 900KB]
City of Perth​​5 September 2018​Download_0509(2).pdf​ [PDF - 109KB]
​The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia​​5 September 2018Download_0509(3).pdf [PDF - 140KB]
Ron Gidgup​​5 September 2018​Download_0509(4).pdf [PDF - 510KB]
​Town of Port Hedland​5 September 2018​Download_0509(5).pdf [PDF - 132KB]
​Jordin Payne​5 September 2018​Download_0509(6).pdf​ [PDF - 97KB]
​Pilbara Aboriginal Voice (Kakurrka Muri)6 September 2018​Download_0609.pdf​ [PDF - 293KB]
City of Gosnells​6 September 2018​​ Download_0609(2).pdf​ [PDF - 1530KB] 
​City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder6 September 2018​​Download_0609(3).pdf [​PDF - 93KB]
​Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt​6 September 2018​Download_0609(4).pdf [PDF - 378KB]
​Health and Disability Service Complaints Office6 September 2018​​Download_0609(5).pdf​ [PDF - 378KB]
​Association of Mining and Exploration Companies​7 September 2018Download_0709.pdf [PDF - 593KB]​
​Australian Human Rights Commission​7 September 2018​Download_0709(2).pdf [PDF - 126KB]​
​Reconciliation WA​7 September 2018​Download_0709(3).pdf [PDF - 390KB]​
City of Belmont​​7 September 2018​Download_0708(4).pdf [PDF - 438KB]​
City of Belmont​ - Aboriginal Reference Committee7 September 2018​​Download_0708(5).pdf ​[PDF - 450KB]​
​Department of Finance​​7 September 2018Download_0709(6).pdf [PDF - 378KB]​
City of South Perth​​7 September 2018 Download_0709(7).pdf​ [PDF - 366KB]
​Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation​​7 September 2018Download_0709(8).pdf [PDF - 110KB]​
CPSU/CSA7 September 2018​ Download_0709(9).pdf [PDF - 1581KB]​
​Aarnja​7 September 2018Download_0709(10).pdf [PDF - 378KB]​
​Health Consumers' Council WA​7 September 2018​Download_0709(11).pdf [PDF - 643KB]​
​Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation​​7 September 2018​Download_0709(12).pdf [PDF - 321KB]​
WA Council of Social Service​7 September 2018​​Download_0709(13).pdf [PDF - 723KB]​​
​As One Nyitting​7 September 2018​​ Download_0709(14).pdf​ [PDF - 169KB]​​
​UnionsWA​7 September 2018Download_0709(15).pdf​ [PDF - 404KB]
​Social Reinvestment WA​​7 September 2018Download_0709(16).pdf​ [PDF - 260KB]
​Aboriginal Family Law Service10 September 2018​Download_1009.pdf [​PDF - 115KB]​
​Badgebup Aboriginal Corporation10 September 2018​​Download_1009(2).pdf​ [​PDF - 572KB]​
Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC​10 September 2018​​​Download_1009(3).pdf​ [​PDF - 305KB]​
​Mental Health Advocacy Service10 September 2018​​​Download_1009(4).pdf​ [​PDF - 840KB]​
Department of ​Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions11 September 2018​​​​Download_1109.pdf​ [​PDF - 85KB]​
Dr Peter Twigg​​12 September 2018Download_1209.pdf​ [PDF - 149KB]
​Koya Aboriginal Corporation12 September 2018​Download_1209(2).pdf [PDF - ​859KB]
​Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services​13 September 2018Download_1309.pdf​ [PDF - 127KB]
​Department of Water and Environmental Regulation​13 September 2018Download_1309(2).pdf [PDF - 40KB]​
Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority​​13 September 2018​ Download_1309(3).pdf [PDF - 85KB]​
WALGA​​14 September 2018Download_1409.pdf [PDF - 676KB]
City of Bayswater​​14 September 2018Download_1409(2).pdf​ [PDF - 169KB]
Goolarabooloo Millibinyarri Indigenous Corporation​​​14 September 2018Download_1409(3).pdf​ [PDF - 1228KB]
Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia​​14 September 2018Download_1409(4).pdf [PDF - 177KB]​
Anglicare WA​19 September 2018​Download_1909.pdf​ [PDF - 75KB]
​Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry​21 September 2018Download_2109.pdf​ [PDF - 175KB]
​Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage27 September 2018​Download_2709.pdf​ [PDF - 393KB]
The Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies​​2 October 2018Download_0210.pdf​ [PDF - 243KB]
Warmun Community​​8 October 2018Download_0810.pdf [PDF - ​92KB]
​Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia​19 October 2018Download_1910.pdf​ [PDF - 2788KB]


Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.