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Titles and Forms of Address

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Guide to titles and forms of address


Use of the title the 'Honourable'

The Governor of Western Australia has authority to confer the title the 'Honourable' to certain Members of Parliament and the Judiciary. Notice of all persons conferred the honorific is published in the Government Gazette. Use of this title is administered by the Executive Government Branch.

The criteria by which individuals become eligible to use the title are explained below.

Governors of Western Australia are now accorded the title the 'Honourable' for the duration of their service and entitled to retain the title once leaving office.

Parliamentarians serving in the following capacities are entitled to use the title the 'Honourable' while in office:

  • Premier
  • Ministers
  • President of the Legislative Council
  • Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  • Members of the Legislative Council.

The Governor may approve the retention of the title for Parliamentarians upon leaving office, subject to the following qualifying lengths of service:

  • Premier - 1 year
  • Ministers - 3 years
  • President of the Legislative Council - 3 years
  • Speaker of the Legislative Assembly - 3 years
  • Members of the Legislative Council - 10 years continuous service.

The Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court are eligible to use the title the 'Honourable' following their appointment. They may retain the title upon leaving office, subject to the Governor's approval.


Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.