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Review of Payment of all Existing Attraction and Retention Benefits

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​Number:         2017/04

Issue Date:     26/04/2017

Review Date:  26/04/2017

Download: Review of Payment of all Existing Attraction and Retention Benefits





All existing attraction and retention incentives (ARIs) must be reviewed and steps taken to terminate them unless there is overwhelming public interest for an incentive to remain or ongoing contractual requirements that must be met.

The review must be undertaken by the 31 August 2017 and the outcome of the review reported to the Public Sector Commission.

In the instance where an ARI is not terminated, a business case must be provided to the Public Sector Commission (for SES officers) or Labour Relations and Industry Development Division of the Department of Commerce (for all non-SES) that substantiates that the basis for approving the ARI in the first instance remains.  Where the reasons for the ARI (for example, skills shortage) can no longer be substantiated or circumstances have otherwise changed (for example, market rates have reduced), the ARI is to be removed or reduced as soon as practicable.

In the case of future ARI requests, agencies should be aware that both the Commission and the Department will only accept these in recognition of the most exceptional circumstances. 


In light of the substantial budgetary difficulties facing the State Government, every effort is needed to minimise unnecessary expenditure where this is identified.

The continued payment of ARIs is one area, where ongoing staffing costs need to be kept under constant review.  Where circumstances giving rise to the payment of such incentives have changed, measures need to be taken to reflect this.

ARIs generally were put in place to address recruitment issues arising from a tight labour market. Market conditions have changed significantly and all Chief Executive Officers are required to review all ARIs with a view to removing them where they are no longer justified. It is anticipated that this will be in the majority of cases.





Mark McGowan MLA



For enquiries contact:                         Lindsay Warner    6552 8670

                                                            Executive Director, Public Sector Renewal

                                                            Public Sector Commission

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Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.