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Guidelines and Policies

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State General Election 2017 - Caretaker Conventions

The Government assumes a ‘caretaker’ role in the period immediately before a State General Election. This role commences from the date the writs for elections for the Legislative Assembly are issued and continues until the election result is clear, or in the event of a change of government, until the new government is formally sworn in.

It is recognised that every general election carries the possibility of a change of government. During the caretaker period, efforts are made to ensure that decisions are not taken that would bind an incoming government and/or limit its freedom of action.

The practices associated with the caretaker role are directed at protecting the apolitical nature of the public sector, and avoiding the use of State Government resources in a manner that advantages a particular party. The arrangements also aim to prevent controversies about the role of the Public Sector during an election campaign.

For further information please see:

  • the 2017 Caretaker Conventions (PDF 432 KB) (DOC 300 KB)
  • the Premier’s Circular regarding the 2017 Caretaker Conventions (PDF 292 KB) (DOC 706 KB)
  • the request forms for Approval to Advertise, Publish or Issue Media Releases during caretaker period (PDF 42 KB) (DOC 46 KB)

Should you have any enquiries regarding the caretaker period, please contact or (08) 6552 5000.

Common Badging

The new Common Badging for the Government of Western Australia incorporates the State Coat of Arms and is now known as the State Government Badge.

Government Advertising and Communications

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is responsible for the oversight of advertising and communications and has the responsibility for the management of the Government advertising and communications policy and guidelines.

Developing and Making Written Submissions to National Inquiries

All Western  Australian public sector bodies, including SES and non-SES organisations are to follow the process for developing and lodging written submissions to national inquiries.


Strategic protocol advice and event management services to the Premier and the Government of Western Australia are coordinated through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet's, Protocol Office within the Whole of Government's Future Directions and Strategic Projects Unit, Cabinet and Policy Division. The Branch aims to protect and enhance the dignity of the Office of the Premier during the planning and implementation of visits and events, whilst ensuring that these activities are of benefit to the State and the people of Western Australia.

Visit the Protocol page for further information.

Premier's Circulars

Premier's Circulars are used to communicate throughout the Public Service, matters of strategic importance to the State concerning whole of Government policy. 

Symbols of Western Australia

There are six insignia in common use throughout the Western Australian State Government. They are:

  • The State Coat of Arms
  • The State Flag
  • Floral Emblem - Red and Green Kangaroo Paw
  • Faunal Emblems
    • Numbat
    • Black Swan
  • Fossil Emblem - Gogo Fish

Visit the Symbols of WA page for more information and to download images.