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​In certain circumstances, departments will be permitted to enter into co-badging arrangements, subject to approval from DPC's Common Badging Committee.

Departments with co-badging rights should refer to Applying the State Government Badge for directions on positions and presentation of the State Government Badge.

Departments can apply to the Common Badging Committee for permission to co-badge a department logo or a logo representing a specific product or service with the State Government Badge.

With regard to the approval to co-badge with a logo, the Committee has previously approved this in instances where:

  • agencies had a long standing 'brand' logo prior to the introduction of common badging that was a key part of their identity, marketing and promotional activities;
  • statutory authorities that had an automatic right to co-badge under the rules that applied when common badging was initially established; and
  • agencies developed a 'brand  logo' to market and promote a specific new service or initiative that government required them to implement.

Statutory Authority logo

Statutory Authorities are entitled to co-badge their logo with the State Government Badge provided such use complies with the directions contained within the Applying the State Government Badge page.

Co-badged Logo Size