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Applying the State Government Badge

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Layouts for State Government Badge Design with Department Names

The designated layout is Option A, Option B or Option C (as used on all Stationery) below

​Option AOption A picture
​Option B (Three lines)Option B picture
Option C (To be used by those Departments with longer Department name)Photo of State Crest option C

The correct positioning of the text in relation to the State Coat of Arms is for the top of the first line of text to align with the top of the head of the kangaroos.

However, the options below are acceptable for other applications such as press advertisements or signage

​Option DPhoto of state crest option D
​Option EPhoto of state crest option E
​Option FPhoto of state crest option F

If space doesn’t allow for the department name to be placed to the right hand side, placement underneath with a rule is acceptable

State Government Badge Design – One Spot Colour

The example shown can be used in the “theme-colour” of a publication, or to match a colour from an approved cobadged logo. Text and State Coat of Arms must be the same colour

State Coat of Arms picture 

Multiple Agency Badging Layouts

In some instances, it may be necessary to use the State Government Badge with more than one department name, as in the examples below

Multiple Agency Badging Layouts picture 

Font Specifications for use of State Government Badge

The sizes and measurements below are based on the layout of the Letterhead in the Stationery layouts

Font Specifications 1 picture 

The sizes and measurements below are recommended for the State Government Badge, plus a subsection

Font Specifications 2 picture 

The sizes and measurements below are recommended for the State Government Badge with longer department names or where space is an issue

Font Specifications 3 picture 

Stationery and signage

Text in letters and other forms of communication should comply with State Government Access Guidelines for Information Services and Facilities.  Use of colours for text must provide significant contrast between text and its background.  Watermarks are not recommended.

The State Government Badge must be incorporated into all printed government stationery (letterheads, business cards, etc.) according  to the directions following.


Letterhead picture (Not to scale) A4 (297 x 210mm).

With Compliments Slip

With Compliments Slip picture 

(Not to scale) 98 x 210mm

Business Cards

Business Cards 

(Shown full size) 55 x 90mm

Font sizes for all contact details on stationery is recommended to be a minimum of 11pt.

All stationery should be produced as a “single colour”-either black or a theme or corporate colour. Agencies that have approval to badge with an additional logo can have their logo in a different colour, however use of a second Pantone Matching System (PMS) colour can increase printing costs.

Paper Stock – Suggested types and weights

​Stationery:​Business Cards:
​Letterheads and With Compliments slips:
White 80 gsm Reflex Bond (Laser-safe) or similar.
​White 290 gsm Smooth Ivory Board or similar.

Stationery Layouts when using an approved Department or Statutory Authority logo

Mono Colour Letterhead

Mono Colour Letterhead 

(Not to scale) A4 (297 x 210mm). Black and one Agency PMS colour.

Department Logos

Department brands or logos are generally not supported by the Common Badging Committee. Departmental logos that have been approved by the Committee have usually been a longstanding brand/logo of the respective department and have been supported by a comprehensive business case.

With Compliments Slip

With Compliments Slip with department logo picture (Not to scale) 98 x 210mm. Mono Colour: PMS 160 (agency colour).

Business Cards

Business Cards with department logo picture 

(Shown full size) 55 x 90mm. Mono Colour: PMS 160.

Statutory Authority logos

The Common Badging requirements also apply to Statutory Authorities who are entitled to co‑badge their logo with the State Coat of Arms, provided such use complies with this Guide. Co-badging enquiries can be directed to the Common Badging Committee at

Powerpoint Presentation Template

Powerpoint Presentation Template picture 


  • Powerpoint presentations should be done in 24pt minimum;
  • No text should appear over graphics or watermarks;
  • Strong contrast should be maintained between text and backgrounds; and
  • Type face should be Arial.


Please refer to the Signage Guidelines Capital Works.

Signage picture 

Signage Layout when using an approved Department or Statutory Authority logo

Signage with co-badge picture 

Acknowledgement of Country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.