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Our Structure

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The Department of Premier and Cabinet consists of a number of groups and agencies.

You can download the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Functional Structure (PDF 190 KB) or read it below.

Director General

Mr Peter Conran was appointed to the position of Director General in November 2008.  For more information about the Director General and other Senior Officers see Our Executive.

Functional Structure

Premier; Minister for State Development; Science
Hon Colin Barnett MEc MLA

Director General
Mr David Smith*

Office of the Director General
Deputy Director General - Lyn Genoni*
Deputy Director General - Richard May

Overseas Offices

  • London
  • Tokyo
  • Dubai

Ministerial Offices

Cabinet and Policy Division
Deputy Director General, Economic and Deregulation - Lyn Genoni*
Deputy Director General, Community and Human Services - Richard May
Executive Director, Economic and Deregulation - Simon Taylor*
Executive Director, Community and Human Services - Jenni Perkins

  • Partnership Forum

  • Human Services Reform

  • Approvals Reform

  • Planning, Housing and Infrastructure

  • COAG

  • National Enquiries

  • Treaties

  • Indian Ocean Territories

  • State/Federal Regulatory/Governance Models

  • Public Sector Policy and Collaboration 

State Administration and Corporate Support
Assistant Director General - Kathryn Andrews

Director, State Administration - Angela Boland

Director, Finance and Information Services - Gary Meyers

  • State Administration

    • Ministerial Support

    • Correspondence

    • Entitlements and Transport

    • Executive Transport Services

  • Corporate Support

    • Information Management and Technology

    • Corporate Information

    • DPC Media Office

    • Human Resources

    • Parliamentary Parties Support

    • Finance

    • Ancillary Services

    • Facilities Management

    • Freedom of Information Coordination

  • Constitutional Centre

Office of State Security and Emergency Coordination
Assistant Director General - Michael O'Callaghan* and Helen Gladstones*

  • Emergency Management

  • Policy and Coordination Services

Cabinet Secretariat
Director - Nick Hagley

  • Cabinet Services

  • Parliamentary Services

  • Executive Council 

Land, Approvals and Native Title Unit
Executive Director - Adrian Murphy

  • Native Title

  • Indigenous issues

State Law Publisher
Director - John Strijk

  • Printing and Publishing Services

Office of Science
Executive Director - Fiona Roche

  • Science Policy & Support Services

Whole of Government, Future Directions and Strategic Projects
Executive Director - Robert Kennedy

State Recovery Coordinator WA National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement

Director - Robert Hay*


* Acting